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Blackberry «Natchez»

We chose this variety because it is qualitatively different from all the others in terms of its organoleptic properties, good looks and ideal for long-distance transport.
The size of Natchez blackberries ranges from 3.5 to 5 centimetres, and their weight is between 14 and 22 grams.


We are proud to have established a plantation in one of the most environmentally friendly regions of Ukraine. The plantation is located 800 metres from the Dnipro River on the slopes of of the most fertile land in the region.


We started with a small 3-hectare plantation in 2017. By 2020, it had grown to 20 hectares and continues to grow gradually. By the end of 2025, we plan to reach a size of plantation size of about 85 hectares.


In 2020, the total volume of berries we harvested during the season was slightly over 50 tonnes. However. already in 2021, we managed to harvest a total of about 100 tonnes. We are ambitiously planning to close the 2025 season to close the season with 400+ tonnes.

Fresh berries

This is the first of our three main areas of work. We pack the berries in plastic boxes 125 g each and put 12 of them into a wooden box measuring 30*40*10 cm. The total weight of berries in one box is 1.5 kg. Next, we form a batch of 33 Euro pallets (80*120 cm), each containing 176 boxes with a total weight of 264kg of berries. The total weight of one such batch is 8000 kg.

Frozen berries

The second area of our work. We cooperate with a specialised factory that prepares frozen berries for us. preparing frozen berries for us. We require it to be packed in a cardboard box with a blue with a blue liner measuring 38.5 x 25 x 20.5 cm. The total weight of berries in one box is 10 kg. Next. we form a batch of 33 euro pallets (80*120 cm), each containing 63 boxes with a total berry weight of 630 kg. The total weight of one such batch is 20,000 kg.

Freeze-dried berries

The third area of work. We cooperate with a specialised laboratory that does industrial sublimation of berries for us. industrial freeze-drying of berries for us. The freeze-dried products are packed for us in a cardboard box 38*26*24 cm in size, which contains 2 (two) metalised vacuum bags, each weighing 1.5 kg. Next, we form a batch of 33 euro pallets (80*120 cm), each containing 63 boxes with with a total 189 kg of berries. The total weight of one such batch is 6000 kg.


In 2019, we successfully passed the international certification according to the GLOBAL G.A.P. standard. Every year we are audited and confirm compliance with the requirements of this standard so that our partners and their customers can be confident in the quality and safety of our products.

Quality controls

We cooperate with Eurofins, an internationally recognised manufacturer of test systems and owner of the Eurofins reference laboratory network, which provides us with first-class bioanalytical testing of our products. To ensure that our berries are of the highest quality, we regularly carry out:
- Sanitary and microbiological tests;
- Radionuclide tests;
- Toxin, pesticide and mycotoxin tests;
- Heavy metal tests.

The natural environment

We care about nature, land and water resources of Ukraine. We use special technology to cultivate the row spacing, which helps us to preserve species biodiversity and restore soil fertility. We also plant shelterbelts to prevent wind erosion of the soil. At the same time, we use drip irrigation, which allows us to we significantly save water resources.

Our advantages

  • Healthy food product

    According to research, adding blackberries to the diet has a positive effect on affects on digestion, balancing the immune system, healthy heart function, improving quality skin quality, as well as the prevention of cancer and endothelial dysfunction.

  • High quality and safety

    Our production has been certified by TUV HELLAS (TUV NORD) according to the GLOBAL G.A.P. standard. We confirm the certificate every year, so we confidently guarantee the quality and safety of our products.

  • Reasonable price

    Our financial analysts earn their keep, because they are the ones who keep us on the pulse of the market. on the pulse of the market and are confident that we offer very attractive prices and terms of cooperation.

  • Reliable partnership

    We work closely with manufacturers, importers and large retail chains, who have been trusting us to provide them with quality products for years.

Our Team

Romanchenko Serhii
Chief agronomist
Malakhova Iryna
Executive director
Yaremenko Inna
Chief technologist
Larchenko Serhii
Head engineer
Bondarenko Tetiana
Production specialist



Our Mission

To give the pleasure of blackberries to people from all over the world

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